Missionary Principles, Handbook and Forms

Let’s discuss some BASICS first. Before you move forward you will want to understand a few concepts:

The first requirement of a missionary is to BE FLEXIBLE
Right now you need to perform a personal evaluation. Be totally honest here. Are you inflexible? Do you prefer to have a regiment that is rigid? Do you awake at the very same time each day? does change scare you? Do you find comfort in routine? If you answered YES to these questions, then you to need to really consider and pray whether God is leading you out of your comfort zone. If He is, then you must go with the knowledge that this will not be like your routine at home and you must be flexible for the sake and morale of the team and the mission. People who have gone on this trip who are normally very regimented have discovered it a great blessing to step out in faith this way! You must expect the unexpected and be willing to roll with the punches. You don’t like outhouses? None of us do. Could you use one for four days if you had to? If you don’t think you can, and don’t believe God can get you past that, then we don’t recommend this type of trip for you.

The second requirement is a REAL LOVE FOR PEOPLE
Okay, you don’t have to be a ‘people person’. But you need to be able to interact with strangers. Children and adults may come up to you and touch you, hug you, and want to communicate with you. Do people that slightly invade your ‘personal space’ bother you? Again, if this is true of you, maybe you should reconsider. Children WILL come up and hug your legs. Old men may bring you fruit, just to say thank you. You may receive an unexpected hug from someone that doesn’t smell all that great. Does this bother you? If not, then keep reading!

You don’t need to be an Evangelist, but this IS A CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATION
We bring preachers with us who do perform evangelism. Honestly, we’ve had people decline to come with us because of this fact. Some people feel ill at ease with this aspect. However, North Texas Missions IS a Christian organization. As such, we DO bring The Good News on each trip. We feel it is just as important to minister to someone’s spiritual needs as it is their physical needs. Does this mean you need to be able to cite chapter/verse of the Bible? No! Does this even mean you have to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to join in the mission trip? No! However, our prayer is that you will be open to experiencing how God is working around you and that your heart would be open to better knowing Him. You will find that, regardless of their present walk, you will grow in your faith and develop a closer relationship with Him through this mission trips.

The following attachment provides additional details on the requirements and expectations of serving with North Texas Missions in a foreign country.